Delicious & Nutritious Catering



Welcome to Fern Foods Catering Service. I like to serve simple, delicious, nutritious and colorful food. I hope to have the pleasure of cooking for you soon.

~ Anne-Marie - Fern Foods  


Dietary Requirements

Any special dietary requirements can be facilitated with substitutions/omissions. Just let us know when booking.


Meal Preparation

Your meal will be freshly prepared in the kitchen - Please be aware that we will arrive up to 3 hours before the service to prepare your meal at your accommodation/venue. With this in mind, please ensure that the kitchen is clean and cooking and service utensils (pots, pans, crockery etc) are clean and ready for use.



Your meal will be served buffet style from either the dining table or service area (depending on size of group)



The prep area in the kitchen will be left clean and tidy after use. The first load of ware from the tables will be placed in the dishwasher by us. Any other subsequent loads or cleaning is your responsibility.



Teas and coffee are not included in the meals. 


Our Menus

Fern Breakfast

Continental / Grilled

€8 - €16 per person

Gourmet Lunch

Choice from 2 menus

€22 - €35 per person

At Your Service

Tell me a little about your event...
Please include 
  1. date(s)
  2. no of people
  3. any special dietary requirements
  4. your location/accommodation
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